speak eng

Speak Simple was established in 1998 and has been managed since by Eliooz Rabin. Its goal: to help businesses and public organizations become more efficient through Administrative Simplification: simplifying work processes and simplifying language.

Our experience shows that implementing Administrative Simplification can help organizations save millions of dollars within a short period.

The interface between a company and its customers tends to get complicated. The "language" (documents, scripts, etc.) becomes incomprehensible and the service inefficient, creating a growing gap between customer and organization. The cost: loss of clients, unnecessary, superfluous procedures, and exposure to lawsuits.

Cost of lack of Administrative Simplification is assessed at 10% of the global GNP. In Israel alone, the Prime Minister's Office declared that unnecessary bureaucracy costs 30,000,000,000 NIS per year.

Administrative Simplification is a growing trend, used by public organizations and governments around the world (the American SEC and OECD, to name but a few).

Speak Simple has reached an information sharing agreement with Britain's The Plain English Campaign, with 70,000 subscribers.